Pictures from Ian and Kat's Digital Camera: Australia, 26 Nov - 13 Dec, 2002
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Here are pictures from various trips I have taken to faraway (and not-so-faraway) places.

Kat and I took a wonderful two-week trip to Australia in early December, 2002, along with a bunch of other North American friends. The ostensible goal was to see the total solar eclipse, but we took the opportunity to see (some of) the country. This was our first time in Australia (in the southern hemisphere, in fact), and I was a bit nervous about hanging upside-down off the planet. :-) We've divided the pictures by general location. Here's a summary of our travels, with links to the appropriate picture directories. We also, as usual, did a bunch of geocaching along the way. It's a great outdoor activity practiced all over the world. (The GPS unit was a little unused to the "South" and "East" coordinates, though. :-p )

Travelogue (executive summary)

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