Pictures from Ian and Kat's Digital Camera: PAIPAKWAMP:FP1 : 10 April, 1999
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Ever since August 1998, I've been hosting a Party At Ian's Place about every one to three weeks. See The Party At Ian's Place homepage for more information.

Party At Ian's Place at Kim, Warren, and Michael's Place: Fetish Party I (PAIPAKWAMP:FP1) was held on 10 April, 1999 at Kim, Warren, and Michael's place in Waterloo, Ontario.

This was my first attempt at throwing a fetish party (a party were you get dressed up, often in leather, etc. etc.). I think it went really well. :-)

Warren also took pictures on his own digital camera; they can be found in another directory.

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The ``Squick'' Rule and the ``No Squick'' Rule, which were in effect at the party.

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Ian Goldberg,
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