Pictures from Ian and Kat's Digital Camera

The images in these directories were taken with Ian's digital camera, a Nikon CoolPix 900. Most of the images are in 1280x960 resolution, and so would be quite large to download. For this reason, there are links to various differently-sized versions of each picture (which, by the way, are created on the fly when they are requested). Note that the size ratio listed refers to area, so a 1/4 size of a 1280x960 picture will come out as 640x480; some would incorrectly call this '1/2 size'. Clicking on the thumbnail image will retrieve the full-size image.

Update 1Q2001: I've upgraded to the Nikon CoolPix 990. Most images are now 2048x1536. That having been said, it's usually faster to download the full-sized image, since the on-the-fly shrinking is likely slower than the data transfer (unless you're on a really slow link).

Update 4Q2003: The CoolPix finally died. :-( The camera is now a Canon PowerShot A70, and is now both Ian's and Kat's. Also, the images are no longer resized on the fly, so getting the smaller images is faster.

Update 2Q2009: The Canon lasted 5.5 years. Pretty good. Now we're on a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3. The pictures are much larger.

You can also submit comments on the pictures. Please do so if, for example, I've spelled someone's name incorrectly, or if I haven't listed a name for someone in the picture at all (and you can correct the mistake, of course). If you want to email general comments about the pictures, or the layout of the pages, or whatever, just use an arbitrary 'Comment on this picture' link and change the subject line. By the way, all of the pages you see here are automatically generated by a little Makefile and perl script that I threw together. It makes making global changes to the layout really easy, for example.

Some of the pictures have been manipulated using the GIMP; for example, to make a dark scene visible.

I try to put at least a minimal description with each picture, for those browsing with lynx or some other non-JPEG-aware browser.

Pictures get added all the time; be sure to check back occasionally!


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